The Triple Zero Property team can help you implement a strategy that’s unique to you but that has also been used by many successful investors, whether you are new to strategic property investment or you are a seasoned investor. This strategy involves investing a small amount of money or equity to build your property portfolio which over time can grow into a secure asset base and generate a passive income. With this strategy most of your costs can often be covered by tax allowances and income from tenants, which means some investors can have a positive cash flow quite quickly.


We understand that the time required to begin property investment can be a significant barrier to getting started. Rather than spending time wondering where to start or trying to work it out alone, the Triple Zero Property team help you maximise investment opportunities while minimising excessive time commitments. The Triple Zero investment property management specialists undertake extensive pre-work to present variable options, saving you time and confusion. We can then source, liaise and project manage on your behalf from start to finish.


We are here to also help build your team and can connect you with the relevant independent professionals you require to purchase your investment property.


We are committed to ensuring our clients get the best price for their investment without any compromise to the quality or finished product. In accordance with guidelines from the Department of Fair Trading and ASIC, fees for our services are paid by the developer/builder as part of a profit share arrangement, similar to that of a broker. In a way, that’s what we are, your property broker.


The arrangement allows you access to our services and allows us to pursue our passion to see more police, fire fighters, medicos and other emergency service professionals and their families benefit from the rewards of smart property investment. You can be sure that our services are based on our core values of transparency and integrity.


In consultation with your financial advisor and/or accountant, the Triple Zero Property team can help you determine your investment strategy. Whether you prefer to attend a small training workshop or have an obligation free one-on-one consultation, we can provide a comprehensive briefing on your property investment options.

To find out more about your strategic property investment options, you can contact us at any time – either give us a call, send an email or register on our website.

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