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Should I buy a property with friends or family?

Many investors and homebuyers are keen to enter the market with property prices on the rise. With interest rates low, there is a window of opportunity that a lot of Australians will want to capitalise on.  If you have found a home to buy with a friend or a parent keen to give your children a […]

Is investing in property for me?

Aussie’s love talking about real estate, and we have a reason too… in 2021 the market keeps moving ahead. CoreLogic figures reveal the average dwelling price rose 10.6 per cent annually across the nation (as of May 2021).  I want part of the action… but should I invest in property? Buying property is a long-term, strategic decision […]

How to Future Proof Your Investment Property

Interest rates are low. Supply of new land and properties coming onto the market are in short supply. Big increases in dwelling values have been predicted by the big banks. So, can you go wrong buying an investment property in the current market? Absolutely you can! Buying a great property now needs to be a […]

Should I buy property in 2021?

Last year may have changed the way we do a lot of things. One thing has remained the same: buying the right property at the right price remains a solid long-term investment for you and your family. Whether it is a property to live in or as an investment, now is a great time to […]

DBA Property

DBA is committed to helping Australians reach their financial goals through property investment. For over 15 years, the DBA team has helped hundreds of clients build successful property portfolios…

Set It Up!

What is the best structure to buy your asset in? Getting the correct structure is just as important as buying the right property and there is no right answer for everyone. There are legal, financial and relationship implications. It depends on what type of property you are purchasing: Your own home or principal place of […]

Five Keys to Smart Property Investment

Five Keys to Smart Property Investment Property investment is never something you should ever enter into lightly. But for some reason, that’s what a lot of people who have dreams of making millions through property do. They often think, ‘I can go out, buy a house somewhere, stick some tenants in it to pay the […]