What are the advantages of investing in property?

With many different options available when it comes to investing, it is essential to understand the advantages of property investment before beginning your investment journey. Part of the answer is in selecting a strategic property investment with the right features in the right area. Here are just some of the things you need to consider:


  • Capital growth and leverage potential
  • Rental income and yield
  • Tax benefits and cash flow
  • Timing – time in the market and timing the marker.
  • Location – infrastructure and demographics of the area
  • What control would you have with this investment option?
  • Building team
  • Supply and demand (population growth)
  • Affordability
  • Employment opportunities

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What is the goal of property investing?

When it comes to smart property investment, the goal is to remain in the market long-term. As such, a property investment choice needs to remain within the investor’s budgetary capacity in order to stay in the market to benefit from capital growth over the long-term.

Despite what many believe, it is not necessary to have a high income to begin investing in property, with many investors earning annual incomes that are less than $85,000. With some strategic property investment decisions, what may be a small amount to begin with can see your financial aspirations become a reality.

 So how do we achieve this goal?

It is the principal of compound capital growth that makes property investment a strategic decision. Put simply, this allows the earnings you generate to be invested again to create further earnings. This means you are able to leverage the capital growth, assisted with income from tenants and tax benefits to grow your property portfolio over time. The Triple Zero investment property management team is committed to research and understanding the market (and markets within markets). Presenting you options for areas which are predicted to see strong capital growth – a key component in making smart real estate investment decisions.

Where do we start?

Before you begin, it is a good idea to consider if you have the right team around you to support you. Knowing where to begin and having a team where each plays their role to a T is key. Without this essential foundation, many people falter and hesitate if they feel they do not have the expertise to get started and make the right decisions. By engaging us to join your investment property management team you know you will have someone in your corner assisting you from start to finish.

When considering who you need in the team of professionals assisting you, you will require specialists who can:

  • Undertake research into the most effective investment opportunities
  • Assist in selecting the property to invest in
  • Ensure a build that is of quality
  • Assist in arranging a financial package that suits your needs
  • Undertake conveyance for building contracts and land
  • Review insurance product offerings for the best option
  • Provide smart property management following handover
  • Deliver a quantity surveyors report for depreciation benefits
  • Ensure you receive all available tax benefits based on extensive property accountancy knowledge

This list may seem overwhelming, but this is where the Triple Zero Property team can assist. With more than 50 years of combined experience, we have built strong relationships with industry professionals and can link you with the team members you need. As these services are independent to the Triple Zero team you know you will receive independent advice at every step.

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