Healthcare Professionals

Other Emergency Services

We want to see more police, firefighters, healthcare and other emergency service professionals and their families benefit from the rewards of smart property investment. We can take the stress out of navigating the property market by providing you customised support based on extensive experience and data-driven research. We have been educating and guiding clients when it comes to investment property management for more than a decade and would love to see how we can help you.



Our support is 100% personalised to your needs – our team will be there for you each step of the way with ongoing support.



To help you make educated and strategic property investment decisions, we offer free interactive briefings and workshops, as well as one-on-one workshops and ongoing support.



We pride ourselves on offering independent and strategic research that is relevant and customised to your needs.



We can manage the whole process if you choose – helping you maximise your opportunities while minimising excessive time commitments.

Dealing with the team at Triple Zero Property could not have been easier.

The whole experience was seamless from research, sourcing, managing the entire process and even finding the tenant.

They do it all for you by liaising with the builder, solicitor, financier, saving me time and effort. Highly recommend!

Another happy Triple Zero Property client

Senior police officer in Queensland


As a division of DBA Property, our team are investment property management specialists who have all experienced being first time property investors, and the importance of making well informed, strategic and well-managed decisions. We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry resulting in the know-how to streamline and maximise investment opportunities while minimising excessive time commitments.

After working with members of your industry we understand how important your time is – let us do the research and running around for you. With established networks and a proven track-record of independently sourcing properties that match each investor’s profile, affordability and time framework, we are ready to help you get started.


After having navigated the property industry ourselves and experiencing that it is possible to achieve your goals through smart property decisions with the right help, we take your investment journey seriously. We personally understand the importance of having a team around you that you can trust where each play their part. We have been part of that team for many hundreds of people, and can be part of your team.

After getting to know you and taking your specific circumstances and goals into account, we can assist you with the particulars as you build your property portfolio – providing guidance and support each step of the way.


At Triple Zero Property we pride ourselves on the number of clients who come back to us time and time again to navigate their property investment decisions. It is when we see police, fire fighters, medicos and other emergency service professionals and their families benefit from the rewards of property investment that we feel we have succeeded. It is this focus on people that has resulted in many long-term client relationships.


Every single person who contacts the Triple Zero Property team are treated as an individual. We know that in order for you to benefit from property investment you need a customised approach, based on an understanding of you and your goals.

Our clients are never given a ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment, rather we will offer tailored property solutions based on your circumstances and our market knowledge. You can be sure the options we provide will be based on research-driven and independently sourced properties that will meet your time and budget requirements. As part of our commitment to people, research and performance we pride ourselves on presenting investment opportunities focused on steady long-term capital growth.

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